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What is Brainfish?

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Per Almered:
Lullaby Sound file available

Per Almered:
Gör du som du vill Sound file available

Jonas & Martin:
Andetag Sound file available

Per Almered:
Just what I want to hear Sound file available

Tommy Lidén:
Secondhand Guitar Sound file available


What is Brainfish?


"Brainfish started off as a quick sketch. I was just playing around with some curves when all of a sudden this strange fish-shape just popped out right at me. I added the eye, and there it was: Brainfish, the silent fish with an eye to observe and the brain to draw conclusions.
It took [something like] 7 years from that until I decided I found the right project for the drawing.
No, not drawing. Symbol."
Per Almered

The purpose of Brainfish

The members of all have a few things in common:

  • We're all songwriters, and we're all serious about songwriting
  • We believe the best way of marketing ourselves is by spreading our music
  • We believe cooperation is one of the best ways of improving at our craft was built to help its members:

  • Evolve as songwriters to make better songs
  • Show these songs to other people

Our songs are important, but our ability to write the songs is the most important.

Legal stuff is a non-commercial website that allows its members to put their music up on display for people to download/listen to for marketing purposes.

Responsible administrator for this site is Per Almered.

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