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Per Almered - You had no right (4:12)


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File: 0170099youhadnoright.mp3
Size: 5 Mb

A ballad about a love that can't be. Sometimes the forbidden fruit tastes bitter.


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


Verse 1:
Don't really know how I first reacted
But I was glad that I was seated
I'd lie if I said I wasn't attracted
But I didn't want this; I didn't need it

You had no right
To tell me that you loved me
You had no right
To tear my world apart
Three small words
That came from far above me
They way they hurt
They nearly burst
This fragile heart

Verse 2:
I was weak and completely unwary
You had me hooked in a second, like that
But I'm not the one you said you would marry
I'll never be and I'm sure you know that

Tell me you were joking
Tell me anything but this
There is nothing more provoking
Nothing sweeter than your kiss

I could look at you forever
Hold your fingers to my lips
Smell your hair at night and never
Get used to your finger tips