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Sensuation - Mama tell me (4:12)


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File: 0170009mamatellme.mp3
Size: 5,75 Mb

Recorded during the summer of 1996 in Blue Studios.


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


Michael Barendt


Michael Barendt


Verse 1:
I don't know for how long
I've been here half asleep
with memories that outlast
my mourning
I need strength to carry on
strength she used to give me
and for which I dare not ask

And now when I dial her number
I just get a message "no subscriber"
Mama tell me - Is that bad?
And dialling back, feeling slightly dumber
I just get this unfriendly reminder
Mama help me - I feel sad

Verse 2:
I wish I knew back then
what I don't want to know now
where I'd be when she'd had enough
should've known when to say "when"
should've known a vow's not a vow
and that you hurt the one you love

And now when I dial...

Break 1:
I suppose in a way you told me
and then again
you didn't really
just threw me out like a mug of cold tea
and soaked the lawn beneath
your kitchen window
never thought I could get that low

And now when I dial...

Break 2:
Don't know what to say
don't know what to do
wanted you to stay
never expected you to go

And now when I dial...