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Sensuation - Heaven (3:46)


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File: 0170008heaven.mp3
Size: 4,52 Mb

Recorded during the summer of 1996 in Blue Studios.


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


Michael Barendt


Michael Barendt


Verse 1:
There was this little boy
He had my eyes
His life was all his toys
And he told no lies
He played with bee-bee guns
And he ruled the world
Killing was just for fun
He didn't have to learn

Well can you answer if you're so damn tough
Whatcha' gonna' do when you grow up?
- I'm gonna' go to heaven
I'm going to heaven

Verse 2:
The boy is sixteen
And he's got a car
His nights are free
Dad says he's gonna go far
His smile is white
He's got a lipstick mark
He'll drive all night
With lights off in the dark

Well can you answer...

Verse 3:
Now he's a man
And he can do what he wants
Reach out your hand
And you can smell what he's caught
Jumps old ladies
That look just like his mom
And one day maybe
Eventually he'll turn the gas knob

Well can you answer...