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Sensuation - Shortcuts to heaven (4:10)


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File: 0170007shortcutstoheaven.mp3
Size: 5,25 Mb

Recorded during the summer of 1996 in Blue Studios.


PersonPer Almered


Peter Jupén

Lead vocals: 

PersonPer Almered

Backing vocals: 

Johanna Rickt

Backing vocals: 

Wendy Kendrick


Michael Barendt


Verse 1:
Janey was a sweet girl
all she wanted was some fun
she said "you should live your life
while you're still young"
She loved the nights in the city
with its dangers and its thrills
but the same things that feed you
in the end they'll kill

There's no shortcuts to heaven
only fastlanes to hell
there's no love to buy
only your soul to sell
You have to walk that long road
face your fear and the pain
get struck to the ground
and born over again

Verse 2:
Tom was sharp as a razor
he knew the tricks of the trade
couldn't tell the money
or the enemies he made
He thought he had all the answers
but he found a new one day
when you deal with the devil
it's true you have to pay

There's no shortcuts to heaven...

Keep your head full of dreams
have eyes with visions
chase your secret goals
and have high ambitions
But don't you forget
one day you'll meet Temptation
and there's just a split second
between a curse and salvation

There's no shortcuts to heaven...