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Sensuation - I wonder (4:59)


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File: 0170005iwonder.mp3
Size: 6,85 Mb

Recorded during the summer of 1996 in Blue Studios.


PersonPer Almered


Peter Jupén

Lead vocals: 

PersonPer Almered

Backing vocals: 

Wendy Kendrick


PersonPer Almered


Michael Barendt


Verse 1:
So many promises
all of them now broken
so many careless words
better off unspoken
Funny how those things
that seems so right
can turn so very wrong
you wake up one morning
and it's all gone

And now when I look around
everything slowly fades to gray
and I wonder
How much longer it will take
until time will sweep
those memories away

Verse 2:
When I close my eyes
all I see is a picture of you
with a broken frame
no matter where I turn
no matter where I hide
things can not be changed

And now when I look around...