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Sensuation - I won't care (4:10)


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File: 0170003iwontcare.mp3
Size: 5,6 Mb

Recorded during the summer of 1996 in Blue Studios.


PersonPer Almered


Peter Jupén


PersonPer Almered


Michael Barendt


Verse 1:
You swore you'd never leave me
now you say you won't be back
well, one thing is for sure
you never knew what you wanted
And I'm sitting here waiting
hoping that you still don't
and that you will call me
when you say you won't

And I won't care
if you're a cross to bear
or you're not always there
if you come back to me
And I won't mind
if you should fall behind
or get way out of line
I'll still be there

Verse 2:
Don't know what filled you with doubt
or where you got that crazy idea
that there's no use to try again
and that you're no good for me
I never looked for Miss Right
never cared when you did wrong
all I know is that I need you
and should have told you long ago

And I won't care...