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Tommy Lidén - Secondhand Guitar (4:14)


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File: 0350153SECONHAND_GUITAR_Mix_2.mp3
Size: 5,82 Mb

Recorded August 6-7 2006 at OnOrOff Songs Recording Studio, by Tommy Lidén


PersonTommy Lidén


Tom Ward


Marcus Lindberg

Acoustic Guitar: 

PersonTommy Lidén

Electric Guitar: 

PersonTommy Lidén


PersonTommy Lidén


PersonTommy Lidén


PersonTommy Lidén


SECONDHAND GUITAR ©2006 Lyrics: Tom Ward/Music: Tommy Lidén
STIM/All rights reserved

I'm a troubadour of troubles
And brokenhearted tales
With one foot in the poorhouse
And the other one in jail
I've got no real direction
Seems that I'm just passing through
But if you need some entertaining
I've got another song for you

I'm never gonna be a star
Playing in these roadside bars
But I come to you with all I've got
Just a pocket full of soul
And a second hand guitar

V 2:
I'm a well worn rambler
The tax man knows me well
Since he tried to take, more than I had
And I told him go to hell
So I have to keep on movin'
If he catches me I'm through
But I've got awhile, if you like my style
To play my lonesome songs for you

CHORUS 2: repeat

V 3:
I'm a world weary wanderer
Rolling on from town to town
I try to make it through the day
Life begins when the sun goes down
I set-up anywhere I can
Play for meals and your spare change
It's just me and my only friend
With a dusty corner as our stage

Playing 'til it's closing time
Me and my only companion
Comfortable with who we are
Just a couple of old second hand guitars

CHORUS END: repeat