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Per Almered - No go (3:22)


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File: 0170104nogo.mp3
Size: 3,87 Mb

Exploring the darker side of pop music.


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


Verse 1:
You tell me I'm no good for you
And I know it
I try to change I really do
And I blow it
And I've lost count of all the times
That I tried to please you
Not to unease you
But still
I can't get you to list my crimes
Well I don't deserve this
I never deserved it

No go
I told you so
You crossed the line
And now I've had enough

No go
I told you so
No I'm not fine
And even tho I'm tough
You won't see me bounce back this time

Verse 2:
The thing that I have wished the most
My life dream
Was getting rid of past lives' ghosts
And their screams
But everywhere I've ran so far
They've been right behind me
Trying to blind me
I hid inside a secret scar
Now you've torn it open
You torn it right open