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Per Almered - This time (3:28)


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File: 0170100thistime.mp3
Size: 4,38 Mb

Originally written back in 1996, this song was mysteriously left out from that summer's recording sessions in Blue Studios.

As you can see from the lyrics, it's written as a duet, but no matter how hard Per tried, he just couldn't get more than one voice out of him. 8-)


PersonPer Almered


Peter Jupén


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


Intro (male):
You slam the door
and I hit it
you say I'm wrong
and I won't admit it

Verse 1 (female):
Kicking and screaming
won't make us any stronger
but in the end you can't
pretend any longer

Chorus (m + f):
This time
there's no turning back
we've gone too far
this time
This time
we can't patch it up
we've said too much
this time

Verse 2:
f: Too much pride
to be swallowed
too many inner voices
that has to be followed
m: Everything we built
is going down in flames
every year turning to ashes
until nothing remains

This time...

Break (m + f):
This time
none of us will give in
even though we both know
none of us can win
this time