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Sensuation - Two of a kind (3:36)

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PersonPer Almered


Peter Jupén


PersonPer Almered


Michael Barendt


Michael Barendt


Verse 1:
Kiss it all farewell
cut the ties that bind
it's time to leave
this old town behind
It used to feed us
now it eats us alive
got to escape this prison
called nine-to-five

You and me
we're two of a kind
two lost souls
with a restless mind
Where ever we go
we don't seem to belong
like a roaring river
we keep rolling on

Verse 2:
Don't say anything
you don't have to tell
all those great visions
I know them too well
Your eyes say everything
words can't explain
all those trapped thoughts
I carry the same

You and me...

With no sense of time
without any direction
we're living on a lie and
each other's affection
What it is we search for
we don't really know
until the day we find it
we just follow the flow

You and me...