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Per Almered:
Lullaby Sound file available

Per Almered:
Gör du som du vill Sound file available

Jonas & Martin:
Andetag Sound file available

Per Almered:
Just what I want to hear Sound file available

Tommy Lidén:
Secondhand Guitar Sound file available


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Elin Almered

Elin spends her early twenties in Malmö painting, filming, dancing, singing and making music. She is one half of Jacqueline, a duo making little broken electronic tunes for the next century.

Songs featured on 4

Per Almered

Per writes smart pop songs about love's non-commutativity, working hard to fill the void of everyday life in the 21st century.

Songs featured on 58

Arne Bakken

Songwriter, musican and producer.

Songs featured on 7

Martin Hansson

A basic songwriter. It's me, my guitar and lots of computerized equipment to ruin my day!

Listen to Jonas&Martin feat. Jennie!

Songs featured on 7

Tommy Lidén

I´m writing little simple tunes as they pop up in my head. Some of them are elevated to be presented for cowriters, to be elevated again to become "produced" demos. I´m very happy and proud to have a team of fantastic cowriters by my side!!

Songs featured on 12

P-O Nilsson

Songs featured on 2