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Per Almered:
Lullaby Sound file available

Per Almered:
Gör du som du vill Sound file available

Jonas & Martin:
Andetag Sound file available

Per Almered:
Just what I want to hear Sound file available

Tommy Lidén:
Secondhand Guitar Sound file available


Older news

Older news

Some new songs online

2005-06-21 13:29

Yeah, I agree, updates have been a little TOO sparse lately, so I decided to put up a bunch of new songs. Hope you like them.

/Per Almered

Privacy policy

2004-03-10 19:12

Greetings and salutations. For those of you that have been a little nervous about handing over your e-mail address (for the newsletters), I've added a page that explains that you needn't worry.

No spam, no advertising! Yes, really! Read our Privacy Policy.

/Per Almered

Newsletter functionality!

2003-05-30 21:31

One of our members came up with the idea to let's visitors subscribe to a newsletter that would let them know when their favorite songwriter(s) added new material for listening. And who am I to disagree with an idea as brilliant as that?

Simply go to the Newsletters page and enter your e-mail address, and you'll be taken to a page where you can choose whose newsletter(s) you want to subscribe to.

/Per Almered

New songs

2003-05-12 20:15

Did you notice that Martin Hansson uploaded his first song? Yep, things are moving in the right direction; I even added two more songs myself. 8-)

/Per Almered

Yes, we're still here

2003-03-29 14:29

Lots of personal stuff going on; but today at least I got the proverbial thumb out and fixed a lot of little bugs noone had noticed. Expect more music soon.

/Per Almered

A new year, and the holidays are over!

2003-01-05 19:16

Ok, so hopefully everyone's had a pleasant holiday! Activity here is about to resume, with some bugfixes to take care of. Hopefully the "real" launch isn't too far off now!

/Per Almered

e-mail is... ALIVE! As is Martin!

2002-12-16 16:21

Basic e-mail functionality is up, and we would also like to welcome our first actual member, Martin Hansson! *applause*

/Per Almered

In case anyone was wondering

2002-12-13 23:01

Just thought I'd drop a quick note to remind our visitors that the site still isn't at 100%, quite a few songs are missing, and all e-mail functionality is missing.

/Per Almered

We're online!

2002-12-13 10:21

We're up! Things are still pretty rough around the edges, relatively few songs are up, but at least we're... ALIVE! And that's not too bad, methinks. 8-)

/Per Almered

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