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Per Almered:
Lullaby Sound file available

Per Almered:
Gör du som du vill Sound file available

Jonas & Martin:
Andetag Sound file available

Per Almered:
Just what I want to hear Sound file available

Tommy Lidén:
Secondhand Guitar Sound file available


Featured member

Martin Hansson

A basic songwriter. It's me, my guitar and lots of computerized equipment to ruin my day!

Listen to Jonas&Martin feat. Jennie!

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Latest news

Vocal Warmup Studio

2009-02-27 15:35

If you don't have access to an instrument, or you don't feel like switching the entire studio on, try the new Brainfish Vocal Warmup Studio.

Instructions as well as general info under the "Read this" button at the bottom of the page. Oh, and if you have any hints on vocal warmup or just singing in general, please drop me a line and I'll include it on the page!

/Per Almered

Flash streaming player

2007-03-07 10:17

The old "non-player" on the site has been replaced with a Flash player. This should provide a better listening experience, but it does require the user to have the Flash plugin installed, which is available from Adobe.

/Per Almered

New year, new functionality

2006-01-29 18:45

I added a simple search function to the site, I hope it'll be useful.

/Per Almered

New year, new look

2006-01-26 21:36

I spent a couple of hours redesigning the front page, and ended up making the color scheme a little more vibrant too.

/Per Almered

New server

2005-08-10 15:49

We've migrated to a new server at our host Aleborg. Hopefully everything works fine, but if you're having any problems, please drop me a line!

/Per Almered

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