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Per Almered - You don't mean a thing (3:40)


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File: 0170147youdontmeanathing.mp3
Size: 4,47 Mb

A happy song with dark lyrics. I can't seem to get enough of that mix, can I?


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


You tell me you love me, you do
And that I am the one

You don't mean a word that you say
You don't mean a thing

But you don't mean a word you say
And you'll leave me crying any day

'Cause where you used to have a heart
Now there's a stone and it's tearing me apart

Verse 1:
I really was glad
Way back in the start
When I was under your spell

But you hurt me so bad
You really took me apart
Now you say you hear wedding bells

Verse 2:
I just caught you again
Like I have been for years
And I tell you about my pain

You listen and then
You look at me in tears
And you whisper "I swear I'll change"