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Per Almered - I wouldn't be (naked) (3:29)

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Length: 3:29

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File: 0170118iwouldntbe_naked.mp3
Size: 3,17 Mb

A slow ballad in the singer/songwriter school of music.

This song was originally written in 1991, based on lyrics by Peter Jupén. Then thirteen years later, I decided I wanted to give it a go again, but with english words. And so I did.


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


PersonPer Almered


Verse 1:
I've seen you on the morning train
I've watched you from afar
I have stood in the evening rain
Underneath your star

And I don't know how to get close to you
To make you see I'm here
I'm not scared to be exposed to you
It's indifference I fear

But I wouldn't be just another man
Someone who comes and goes
I will be the best I can
Thru the highs and thru the lows

I'll be all the things that you want me to
And a few you didn't know
And I swear I'll be true to you
And I'll never let you go

Verse 2:
I've seen the way that men look at you
I've seen you turn them down
Don't think they had just what it took for you
I saw it in your frown

I think I know what you expect from me
Even tho you don't
I'll show you what you can collect from me
And hurt you; That I won't